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Nov 28, 2009

will i ever get the hang of this?

ok ~ I love to wake up ever morning and wonder off to my studio and create all day, but I just can't seem to write everyday. This kinda feels like a diary - which I was so never good at when I was younger! Oh sure, I had the best intentions in a beautiful, clean new book with a tiny liitle key and lock attached - and for the first few days...dear diary had my souls content. But then I became bored! What is the purpose of this again?! If no one reads it (except my ornery brothers!) Then who cares?! I'd much rather make something pretty, which I have come to recognize that we all express what is inside just a bit different! My diary/blog isn't on paper, but what I made pretty today.
I have so many beloved blogs that I adore visiting everyday, but why would anyone want to read bout me?!
...so off I saunter to my studio to create  beautiful things ~ little pieces of my soul...
and I will try to blog more often, because I really do want to be apart of all these wonderful blog friendships I read about everyday...but  will I  ever get the hang of this?!


  1. Hello, I actually just got more serious about blogging. I was like you and didn't think anyone would even care to read it. But I left comments on other blogs and invited them over to say hello and THEY DID!!! It is soooo much fun now. Now that people actually know I am here. I don't have hundreds of people reading...yet:) But I have met the sweetest,most inspiring people! So, I would say...just blog when you can and show us some of the things you make in your studio. Have FUN with it!!!! Good luck and stop over and say hello:)
    Blog: The capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Hello Rosemary, now you may call me crazy (go on, I agree), but I love reading first blogposts and so I loved reading yours too. It has something to do with the uncertainty of oh-my-gosh-how, just like you say here. Carefully stepping into a new world. Anyway, just look at where you are today, amazing isn't it? A big big group of followers and dear new blogfriends. Just wanted to let you know you're doing a great job and your blog is very inspiring. Hugs to you, Wendy


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