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Jun 20, 2010

... where this blogger creates

...welcome to my studio dear readers
this is where
this blogger creates!!

won't you come in and take a peek around?!

an inspiration cabinet

where a pretty ballerina
is ready to greet you
~ in whimsy style...


perfectly tarnished silver trays
such bliss!!

cabinets and shelves
containing such lovely supplies
just waiting to be woven into beautiful things...

...won't you come closer?!

...i spy with my little eye

well ~
more whimsy of course!!

my desk...

where alot of my inspirations are sketched into a notebook for future creating ~

and I don't know about you
I could ALWAYS use an extra hand...

an ever changing, seasonal ribbon cabinet 
as a girl can just NEVER have too many luscious ribbon!!!
can she???

the resident cheshire cat floating above
and of course,
 there is Alice along side of him!!
looks like she was late for tea
err ahhh

a reminder
 to dance as though no one is looking...

a sparkling pink pear carriage awaits
just in case you are in need of a new pair of fairy shoes...

~ oh look! ~
there is a pair of pink sparkley fairy shoes

 a beribboned waste basket

and just one
vintage slip
wouldn't hurt...
I'm sure I could find a place for it!!!

...my sewing table
cleared off and ready for more!!!
that doesn't happen to often
but I did it for you!!!

I wonder what could be behind those ruffley covered shelves
more supplies maybe?!

and last
but not least
...my always ready lovely mannequin

this now concludes the tour
...I do hope you enjoyed your visit to my studio!!

...thank you so much for stopping by!!

I will be home soon
to show you what I've been doing at the farm cottage!!

but until then
stop by all the other fascinating studio spaces of

and give a very special shout out
Karen who brought us all together to share our happy studio spaces!
Thank you Karen!!!

I can't wait to see where it is that YOU create!!


  1. Love your studio! Whimsical and oh so beautiful!

  2. Oh sweet Rosemary,
    what a wonderfull place you have, a real fairy room, and I see the carriage is just awaiting to transport all the fairyes, visiting ,home, with their hearths full of delight .
    Love all your cabinets,and shelves ,beautifully covered,-(not like mine!!!well you will see, if visiting later (:-----
    And all your beautifull treasures all over, it is like a wonderland, dearest.
    Hugs, Dorthe

  3. Oh my goodness, that is beautiful! I would never want to leave. I love the vintage ruffle slip, so pretty! You have so much inspiration in there Thanks for sharing, Theresa

  4. It's so beautiful! But then why would it be otherwise? I adore that ruffled slip and the ruffled curtains. Oh heck I love it all!



  5. Oh, how beautiful. I am looking at all the white beautiful ruffles everywhere and drooling!
    Everything is so beautiful and speaks to me and inspires me. I want your room!!!!
    Your sewing table is the prettiest sewing table that I have ever seen. Oh, those ruffles, ruffles and more ruffles. Be still my heart!

    Thank you so much for sharing and allowing us to see your beautiful creative space.


  6. I just knew it would be beautiful Rosemary. A true reflection of the artist who creates here! No wonder so many lovely things come out of here.

  7. Love,Love,Love your studio,it's really not even a studio, more like a Land,an Enchanted Land of Oz...Your style is just so beautiful!Thank you soooo much for sharing!!Truly inspirational!...virginia~~~~

    p.s.I have to ask,Are those glass jars attatched to glass candle holders holding wonderful treasures?...very enchantingly clever!Love it!

  8. Gorgeous, I'd never want to leave this beautiful space!

  9. WOW! What a beautiful creative space to just be creative.

  10. Love your creative space! It is filled with such treasures. so, enjoyed my visit with you. Enjoy the rest of the party.

  11. What an absolutely magical space. I love your many ways of storing (and disguising) supplies. The banker shelves, for example. I have some not being used and never thought what a coat of paint would do! I love all your lace coverlets and your mannequin is gorgeous. It is really a fantasy land!

    Some day, come and take a peek at my daughter and my blog. It is three months old and not really just about my jewelry. I love paper crafting...she loves a million other things like vintage fashion. We were not in any shape to photograph but I am loving the tours.



  12. Ooooooooh! Your room is a dream! Everything is so beautiful, and soft, and just dreamy! I LOVE your space!!

  13. What a terrific studio! So many goodies! I could have stayed all day looking at your beautiful photos. I will definitely be back over and over to see how things develop.
    Queen Bee Studio

  14. Rosemary!
    I love it, soooo beautiful!
    xoxo Deb

  15. I LOVE your studio!!! All white and the special little touches you have added like that beautiful slip and the ballet slippers. Your ribbon holder is perfect. It must be so much fun to create in your wonderful space.
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  16. Love your sewing table...all the ruffles and lace! AWESOME!!!!!

  17. Your space is just as magical and beautiful as I thought it would be! I love every inch of it, Rosemary! Can I come play?


  18. sooooo gorgeous!!! I love all the ruffles and pretty treasures, and the window are the best!!!

  19. Oh how shabby sweet your creative space is! I love how you display and store your ribbons!
    Best wishes,


  20. What a wonderfully creative space!

    I adore your storage solutions. They have inspired me.

  21. Miss Ozma! What is behind the curtain? Don't be shy..... Love the ruffles on that curtain too...

  22. I love your creative space! I always enjoy my visit to your "Land of Odds" because you do have some wonderful post. I have two awards for you if you would like them. You can get them at my blog "Anna Clo't and Me". I also want to say thank you for sharing your talents.

  23. Goodness! I love every bit of this room!!! Wonderful!


  24. Your space is wonderful - I especially like the curtains. You have given me a few ideas. Thank you for sharing!

  25. OMGoodness! Did I Die And Go To HEAVEN?! So much delectable eye candy! One of those spaces you just want to walk around and look at for hours! Hugs,~Robin~

  26. I'm loving all the lace and ruffles! Looks like a room from fairy tale! Love that last vintage slip!

  27. Your studio is divine and very charming. Love your ribbon cabinet! Thanks for the tour, it was very enjoyable!

  28. I love your studio and your attention to details is PURRFECT! The whites and pinks are so peaceful and welcoming, no wonder your creations are so wonderful!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!


    Romeo and "her"

  29. so delicate, feminine and romantic ~ what a pretty place to create!

    ~jodi shaw

  30. I have been following your blog for a while and yet again I'm about to just pass out from all this goreousness!!! Looooooooooove everything!!! Wish I lived near you so I could hang out and create! Fun!

  31. I fell in love with your pink pear carriage - very sweet. Thank you for letting us visit!

  32. Oh yea, I'm having so much fun here at your part of the party. The music has me dancing, the boarder and header have me singing, and your room makes me feel sooooo welcome. I want to get to know you baby. Love the slippers and the dress. They remind me of a younger time in my life when movement was smooth and graceful.

    Please come visit me

  33. What a Beautiful Creative Studio ~ Soft & Elegant..... Thanks for Sharing

  34. I see a new thing as I visit everybody the consistency of style...yours is very pretty and that Pear coach is so sweet! TFS.

  35. Your room is so pretty! I loved seeing all the beautiful details - you have created a lovely creative space for your self. And, I really like your French pedicure!!!

  36. This must be such a fun place to create. I love your storage solutions and the whole space is so pretty. Oh, and I really like your chandelier. Thanks for sharing!

  37. wonderful room! great apace you've created-thanks for sharing~

  38. Rosemary what a wonderful party guest you are!!! I love the special little touch of the rose petals! Sooo sweet! Your studio is very beautiful and I really enjoyed my visit. Thank you so much sharing it with us.
    My Desert Cottage

  39. Very beautiful space! Thanks for sharing with us!

  40. Ethereal and dreamy! I love your snow white romantic studio decor! Thank you for sharing your creative haven.

  41. I love all the ruffles, especially on the table. Your room is so lovely! Everything goes together so nicely. Thanks for sharing!

  42. You have such a beautiful room to work in! I really enjoyed your ribbon storage. Great idea! Thanks so much for sharing. Connie

  43. Where do I start... I just love the vintage slips... Well everything vintage for that matter. I love all the white and your ribbon holder is to die for!!!

    Thanks for sharing. I have only been blogging for a month but I look forward in taking part next year.

    BTW~ I am having a giveaway to celebrate the 30 day anniversary of my blog... Yes, only 30 days! I would love it if you would come by and visit at http://scrappingwithsherry1.blogspot.com/ Hope to see you there~ Sherry

  44. What a pretty place... so dreamy and romantic! Love those great windows and the wonderful light.

    You did a fabulous job making everything very pretty. It looks like you have a very inspirational place to imagine and create.


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