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Sep 8, 2011

...my seaside chariot

...hello lovelies!!

here i am!
life has been interesting this week, to say the least!
and i,
i have immersed myself into the completion of my 

~seaside chariot~

did you know that "chariot" is the french word for carriage??
romantic, isn't it?

someday, i hope to actually live by the sea.

i once heard this expression:
"the sea is my "Paris""

this is so true for me!

but for now,
i can only simply dream

and dream i did as i created this chariot!!

every detail is an infusion of sea inspiration.

my bicycle transformation began with a ladies pink and pearl, beach cruiser bike.
(how apropos!)

i spray painted all pink pieces of this bike
with my favorite spray paint color:
Krylon's brushed metallic in satin nickel
it is like a soft champagne color

and did you know that Martha Stewart has a new line of acrylic paints
 available at Michael's Craft Store?
i was so excited when i spied her new line and she has gorgeous new stencils too!

here i used her satin, multi-surface paint
in the shade of  "wedding cake"
(doesn't that sound romantic too??)
along with her stencil kit "cathedral lace"

this was a little challenging because of all the angles
i sooo appreciate your ability to stencil like nobodies business
and reallllly wished you lived next door ~ for reals!!

i did my best
and figure, i will be spinning along so quickly,
no one will be able to get that close to check out the perfection
or should i say, the lack thereof


i made handle bar corsets 
i used a piece of canvas and sewed on an overlay of crochet lace
(do you see a theme starting...hhhmmmm????)
and then i attached a circlet of fabric rose trim to the very edge
you know i'm all about incorporating romance into everyday living!

here is my seat.
again, i just used some canvas and cut out a seat circle
then i made a casing to be able to tie it tightly underneath
i then hand sewed the crochet doily on the edge all the way around
so that it would fit correctly

i like how the edge looks like it is scalloped

i like to carry a blanket whenever we go riding
as you never know when you will need to sit a spell
and have a refreshing drink
a back basket was in order.

i really desired willow baskets on my bicycle 
they just bespeak elegance to me
after further consideration,
i decided that this metal mesh basket may serve me better
as it is very dry and hot where i live and the basket would dry out very quickly
and we wouldn't ant that, now would we??!

this basket was originally black,
but i sprayed it with my favorite shade
and then made a liner out of linen.
more rose trim was added like on the handle bars
along the elastic edge

it is durable and washable
~ love that!!

this is the front basket
it was also black
can you guess what i did??

i sprayed that too!

and created a little basket bling
using an oval shell to which i "liquid nails" glued
a vintage rhinestone starfish earring to

as this was the front of my seaside chariot,
i opted to use the rose trim that was wider here
(you can find both rose trims at Jo-Ann Fabrics)
i like the softness that it lends on the linen liner

i wrapped a sea shell garland around this front baskets handle for added whimsy
another reason for choosing this basket was
that it is very convenient to use elsewhere
like say ~ at the farmers market
 or to stow any left over loster roll sandwich from lunch!!
(as if ther would be any of THAT left!!)
it can easily removed or replaced ready to serve you!

when i was all finished with my seaside chariot's transformation
i stepped back and was thrilled with her loveliness

something was missing!

not a mermaid!!
(a new mermaid tail is being created as we speak ~ lol!!)


the idea came to me!

the last thing i created
was an elegant "vanity plate"

i used a small piece of  pine and wood burned my "seaside chariot" words into the wood

i then painted it and sanded it to my satisfaction
then i decorated to my hearts content:)

this is a reflection of who i am
so baby,
i happily embellished!!

i wanted to have a starfish in the front,
and in the back
for my back starfish,
i decided to add some more bling
and flipped it over to the backside and attached rhinestones to the arm's channels

...and sewed lace trim around a few pieces of driftwood
a few pearl dangles and...

my chariot awaits!!

to introduce her to the sea...

i hope you were inspired today
and encourage you to infuse bits of yourself into those things in your life that bring you joy!

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here's to fairytale sea chariots and carriages!


  1. Hello Rosemary,

    Your chariot is so enchanted... I love it!

    Have a lovely day!


  2. OH sooooooooo adorable,I want one lol.Seriously how lovely that is.You are amazing!

    I just got back from the beach my last vacation for the summer,I miss it already.

    Have a lovely weekend Rosemary!

  3. OH MY GOODNESS!! Jaw on my keyboard.....are you KIDDING me?? at a loss for words here..truly!! will have to get back to you when i can find the words to express my thoughts....

  4. My dear this is probably the pretties bike I have ever seen, a chariot for sure. I love all of your special touches.

  5. I am sure you will receive calls from Hollywood to use this beautiful creation in a movie. Seriously? I have never seen anything like it.

    It must be so exciting to be you.....your ideas are wonderful, Rosemary. xo R

  6. Absolutely amazing.....so delightfully romantic!
    I'm so impressed with your talent, just beautiful!

    xox Kerry

  7. Rosemary!
    She is beautiful!
    Absolutely positively BEAUTIFUL!!!!!
    I will send you to the sea to see me if you promise to bring her!!!
    And what's this about a mermaid tail???
    I am in search of a human one!!!
    Cricket @ gypsea nurse

  8. Rosemary ~ That is just the coolest ride ever! All of your special details make it over the top amazing! I love it, every bit of it. t. xoxoox

  9. I would totally ride that everywhere !

  10. What a fun universe you cycle in! This is beautiful and darling to the max!

  11. That is so pretty--I am going to start following you!

  12. So sweet, so fanciful, so romantic, so you! All the other bicycles must be envious of yours. You are an amazing and unique lady!

  13. I am shipping my bike over :) she needs a makeover now...you have created a dream,you are fabulously talented,love the pictures,love how you write and love how you inspire!
    I want to do something with my bike now...maybe in pink....maybe in aqua....maybe in white,too pretty,thank you for sharing your magical work with us
    Krissie xxx

  14. Dear Rosemary!
    I was very inspired looking at this beautiful bike. My daughter has a "new old bike" since some days and she wants to paint it. I will show her your ideas, maybe she will like some stencils too, I hope so!
    À bientôt,
    yours Julia
    I gave her my old front basket. Can you guess the color? Unfortunately black!

  15. What a vision you will be riding this down to the Sea! Loving the lacey makeover, you are so creative!

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  16. Rosemary i had to come back and get another peek lol x

  17. Oh, Rosemary! Your seaside chariot is so romantic and *gorgeous* Truly, it is stunning! It is nice to know about the Martha Stewart line at Michael's. Thanks for the info! :D

    Great job!!!
    Ricki Jill

  18. How absolutely beautiful and so, so, so graceful. I totally love it!

    Your blog is enchanting.

    Barb ♥

  19. Rosemary!
    Mail me that bike RIGHT NOW!
    I don't care if me sticks don't work!
    Someone will just have to carry me on it!
    True so true the most lovely RIDE I have ever seen.

  20. You sure will be riding in style!
    This is just so pretty!

  21. Rosemary what a sea side beauty!
    Only you would have come up with this idea.

    Okay I admitt I've thought of painting our old beach cruiser that is blue to white, yet time has gotten the best of this bike.
    Your peaceful beauty will demand attention! :)


  22. Are you kidding me?!!!!!! This is the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. WOW. I can't even put into words how beautiful this thing is. LOVE the stenciling on the fenders...the handle bar detail...the seat...the basket. I'm sharing this on facebook a.s.a.p.

    My applause~

  23. Wow,I have never seen a bike like that. I`s just fantastic. So many beautiful details. You are amazing.


  24. How beautiful, I can see this now parked against one of those picket fences at he sea shore with dunes behind it. Oh yes I can dream also. This is a beautiful way to ride the sea shore for sure.

  25. Oh my word Rosemary!!!! This cruiser is gorgeous! Is there anything that you can't do????? BEAUTIFUL!!!!

  26. It is sea-utiful! I like how you painted the lace all over it. The pink beach cruiser than I have had for 8 yrs. was originally blue. I have been saving my money for an electra and thought I was going to purchase the white one but just recently decided on the 'blush' which is a champagne color. It has better mud guards and the white doesn't. I really want mud guards. Then I will purchase a natural Nantucket basket on the front and be good to go! I always take a blanket with me and a thermos of hot water for tea. ox

  27. This is everything else , but ordinary , usual and expected ...Your chariot is so romantic , a fairy tail comes to life in style ...!!!

  28. How could I not feature your chariot? It's happened!

  29. This is over the top and beyond!!! Who wouldn't want such a magical and romantic chariot. With a little luck ... it just might fly!

  30. This is the cutest and most inspired and inspiring creation I believe I have ever seen!! I love The Seaside Chariot and all she stands for. Amazing creativity! Visiting from Honey's 2805. blessings ~ tanna

  31. This is a complete Masterpiece and should be on the front of a magazine--it is breathtaking!!! WOW!!!! I just came over from 2805 and am so glad I did!!!

  32. I have to say, your chariot is elegant! I do live by the sea and would LOVE to ride along on a beautiful work of art like that.

  33. How Gorgeous! Simply High Genius Rosemary!


  34. I can only say that it is GORGEOUS!!!!

  35. oh mein Gott! sowas hab ich noch nie gesehen! Das ist unglaublich schön! Allerliebst!
    Liebe Grüße Steffi

  36. Gördüğüm en güzel bisiklet!Bravo.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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