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Dec 29, 2011

...my fairytale theatre

...hello dear girlie's!
i hope all of your christmas's were divine!
can you believe that
in a few short hours,
it will be 2012??
i trust you have your fairy slippers and tutu's on
and your wands ready to ring in the new year?!

2012 is sure to be a year full of inspiration
and creativity
here in blog land!

awhile back i was inspired by
Dore's post about her fairy theatres...

i had also been fascinated by Anita's fairy theatres on her side bar

i sooo wished for one of my very own....

so i set out collecting pretty materials
for creating a little theatre of my own
i envisioned  an ethereal, "once upon a time" theatre...

i made a mirror by spray painting a piece of glass
with "mirror" spray paint by krylon

i then distressed it to look old with a little rubbing alcohol,
and etched the front of it with the words
"once upon a time" and the flourish wreath around it

i LOVE how it turned out!

i made the tiniest strand of my "fairy lights"

and fashioned a fairy out of paper clay,
dressing her in a most beauteous tutu...

the theatre
is actually a secondhand jewelry box
that i transformed with my Annie Sloan paints:)

 i sewed silvery, sparkle tulle
along with more of the fabric i used on my fairies tutu
for my theatre's curtains...

and here in the land of odds,
a crown is simply a must!!

i am so delighted with how it all came together

and now i have a fairy theatre of my very own:)

wouldn't it be fabulous to attend a fairy theatre convention??!!
this will be my last post of the year
so i wish all of my dear readers
a happiest new year!!
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The Charm of Home's: Home Sweet Home

here's to fairyland and a happiest new year!


  1. This is so gorgeous!! What a wonderful job you did with this! Love it! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home! Have a Happy New Year!

  2. wonderful my friend, I would love to sit and create together then put a production on. Are they just not the most exciting little creations to create :)

    Enjoy your new passion, we enjoy you sharing it with us.

    Happy New Year

  3. I love it Rosemary. I'm always transported to another place and time when I visit. Have a Happy New Year.

  4. Ethereal, magical and breathtaking is not saying enough about your exquisite Fairy Theatre. So beautiful and mystical. May all your fairy dreams come true in 2012...

  5. Yes, Rosemary, I would agree this would be a must for you! Love to see all your wonderful creations! so glad you're sharing the inspiration, Have a Happy Happy New Year, xoxo

  6. Oooooh Rosemary it is delightful!...the fairy is so beautiful and the tiny lights are breath taking,
    Happy New Year to you xxx

  7. Dearest Rosemary, your creations are wonderful, and alwayes with a lovely new idea behind.I love your theatre,and the fairy is the cutest with her little nose-and handmade crown.
    I wish you too, the happiest of New Year- and all the best,dear friand.
    Hugs and love, Dorthe

  8. It is great !! so lovely...happy new year darling...filled with love and joy and a good health.....love form me...xxx...

  9. YES!!!!!! BRAVO!!!!!!!!!!!! ENCORE!!!!!!!!!

    Dearest one, I have recently become an avid follower of your blog and I am so blessed to find that both Doré and I have inspired such FABULOUS BEAUTY!!!! I agree; WOULD IT NOT BE WONDERFUL TO HAVE A FAIRY THEATRE CONVENTION???????? I was just talking to a local blogger friend about having a crafting meeting at my house this July. AND.......on New year's day, I will be posting TWO NEW THEATRES that I just made that will be going into my Etsy shop! Don't these fun little treasures just give you so much joy to make, let alone look at?????? What I love is finding whatever materials to make it look as authentic and vintage. Do come by my post on New Years to see my theatres!!! MUCH HAPPINESS TO YOU DEAREST! Anita

    OH, I so love your doll!

  10. I love your sweet little fairy, you really have blessed hands.
    Your blog is amazing and so are your stunning pictures.
    Happy New Year wishes from me,

  11. Wonderful, so magical, have a very good NEW YEAR. Di

  12. I saw you on 2805 Potpourri Friday and the photo just drew me here. I LOVE your blog. I am mesmerized by it. I love white and ethereal and bright and beautiful. This blog is all of that. I signed up to be a follower and I am going to sign up for your blog to be emailed to me. I too have fairies in my life and in January I will be introducing them. I am a new blogger of only 6 weeks and I'm trying to decide on my focus. Thankyou for such a great blog. Love it!

  13. I have to say this is just absolutely darling. I love every little detail and I can't even pick a favorite part, just so creative. I have to tell you I picked up a simple Santos ornament at Pottery Barn and I can not wait to pretty it up like I have seen you do with your dolls. Have a happy New Year.

  14. Just gorgeous!
    A wonderfull 2012 for you and your family!
    xxx Marga

  15. Pretty and more pretty! You inspire shabby white lace dreams.

    Have a Happy New Year, Rosemary.

    xo Rhonda

  16. Just wonderful! You are so talented!! Such an artist. Thank you for sharing your work

  17. Isn't that GORGEOUS!!!! And yes, I think a Fairie Theatre Convention would be fabulous!

    I have a couple of 'boxes' that I"ve been pondering as theatres... I think with all this inspiration (you, Anita, Dore) I should just jump in with paper and glitter flying!!!

    Your is so beautiful!!!

    May your new year be filled with
    much creative joy,

    ~ Violet

  18. Just dreamy Rosemary!!! Love it and I am so glad that you share your amazing talent with us!!
    Happy New Year!!

  19. This is so gorgeous, Rosemary! Your talent and creativity amazes me.

  20. So beautiful and magical, Rosemary! You have an amazing imagination and talent!

    Thank you for for sharing at Potpourri Friday. I wish you a healthy, prosperous and sparkling New Year!

  21. Dear Rosemary, your beautiful heart is so reflected in your work, surely an extension of who you are. How fortunate are we to see it and experience it through your magical blog. Thank you, N.xo

  22. Absolutely breathtaking Rosemary! I could sit and watch this theatre all day with dreamy music in the background...
    You never cease to amaze with me with your creations. Such detail! Sighing...
    I look forward to seeing more in 2012!
    - Susan

  23. Hi dear! Just to say I absolutely looove your space and all your creations. I follow everything here already for a long time and I find it very beautiful and delicate, but I was not commenting a lot lately because my time became very, very short because of a serious illness of a beloved person in my family. I even mentioned you in two posts on my blog. Take this opportunity to wish you and your dear family a wonderful New Year! May your New Year can be a source of love and blessings to you and all yours! And thank you so much for all the wonderful inspirations you share with all of us! Thousand kisses,dear, Rachel :)))

    If you want to see the links I've mentionated you, here they are:



  24. This is truley beautiful i have a old little cabinet in my garden shed which would be perfect for something like this. Would there be a possibility of one day there being a tutorial of how you transform a box into a little theater xxx


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