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Sep 19, 2013

...an enchanted driftwood chandelier

hello my sweets!
do you ever find yourself seeking something,
that you can't quite put your finger on?
you just know that when you see it ~
you.  will.  know.
this is the story
of just such an item
and how it came to be :)
a few ~ l o n g ~ weeks ago
i set out on a quest
to find a chandelier for my studio table.
not just ANY chandelier
THE chandelier!
an enchanting chandelier that would illuminate my pretties
as i created them...
and delight my heart to turn it on.
for my studio IS a magical place...
in those weeks of my quest,
i would find something that i thought "might" work,
bring it home ~
hold it up
and hold my breath!
yah no!!
was usually the response from my lips...
i felt like Goldilocks, i tell ya!
i had grown weary of looking
until one day, while creating at my studio table
a light bulb went on,
so to speak
and these photo's are the result of that epiphany that day...
as you may have already guessed
i ended up designing,
 what my heart was seeking...
which is what i should have done to begin with!!
a few lace covered pieces of perfectly greyed driftwood,
a hand gathered white linen shade,
crystal swags that dance when the sun hits them or the light is lit...
all spun into one enchanting chandelier!
another sea washed treasure,
to adorn my cottage...
this is my studio table...
it is ever so magical when i plug in my fairy lights around the table
and my enchanted driftwood chandelier!
most especially as the days start to grow shorter...
i know it will provide much more than just light
in the coming months ahead,
as i sit beneath it
 and create away...
for it will also allow me to be swept away
and dream
if only for a moment or two...
on such things as the beautiful sea
and pondering on other fairytale delights,
to share with all of you!!
like, perhaps this sea silk rhinestone cuff ...
i hope you enjoyed your visit today!
thanks for stopping by...
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...here's to enchanting lighting!


  1. You do an excellent things, adorable..:)Hugs, Marinela

  2. Υπέροχο, φανταστικό! Ι love driftwood και σε συνδιασμό με την δαντέλα είναι ονειρεμένα!

  3. Thank you for this dreamy moment !

    xoxo from PARIS


  4. Wow, you are such an inspiration! I love it! I have been so down lately.

  5. That is so beautiful and creative! Your studio is gorgeous, so bright and white:)

  6. Dreamy and ethereal and divine is your handmade driftwood chandelier. The perfect "cherry" on top of your beautiful studio space. Brilliant and Blissful.

  7. Love your beautiful organic chandelier!

  8. It is beautiful Rosemary!!! :)

  9. Oooooo, it's wonderful. You were looking everywhere for something... and then created an amazing beautiful one of a kind chandelier that is completely magical!


  10. i'm at a loss for words here. this is simply.......BEAUTIFUL!! i mean....fall off my chair lovely! wow rosemary....your chandelier is beyond enchanting. sigh. (cover page magazine-worthy!)

  11. Beautiful chandi, just beautiful. I sure wish I had found more piece of driftwood on my trip to the ocean. Thanks for stopping by, I've missed you. xo Rhonda

  12. Hi Rosemary, your chandelier is really unique, I've never seen anything like this! Very romantic, like your studio. A hug from Italy. Paola from http://ilpaeseincantato.blogspot.it


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