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Jun 6, 2014

...a place to listen to the whispers of your heart...

in this hurry up world,
 there are a few of you like me...

you desire a little place of our own to decompress
...to regroup

most mornings,
you would find me in such a space.

until the beginning of this year,
this space never existed...

I desired somewhere quiet
where i could meditate and practice yoga.

I pondered a bit 
and decided what better area, than in the place I create?!
so a wall was cleared and I began designing
a place for stillness...

I wanted a mural of something that I was inspired by,
so naturally I chose ~ the sea

 I began there. with that mural
and found a place that will turn your photos into a

I loved the concept of sitting there,
the window open
a slight breeze flowing
and the fabric moving ever so slightly like the rippling of a wave...

I used those brilliant little removable wall hooks
to attach it to the wall,
as we are in a rental and that's a lot of holes to fill : )
next came the rug.
I am still seeking a soft, silk/wool rug that delights my heart
but for now,
this grey one will do.

every meditation room will be different
the important key is simply using what you love
and choosing things that evoke a calm beauty for your soul...

in my space,
you will find these white silk and sequin pillows
as I am a tactile person and yearn for lovely things to the touch
as well as to my eye,
and  intoxicating soy candles...
for flames that dance as they flicker

...a lotus flower fountain 
for a subdued, tranquil sound of flowing water

a lovely white orchid,
as a reminder to stand tall and elegant
no matter the conditions surrounding me...

to which I have placed within a beloved giant shell,
filled with white sand
with a few treasures tucked in 
that have a special meaning to me...

I also added a curly willow branch
 from a tree we planted on my mother's property when my son was 5 years old.
he is now 21, and that tree is tall and mighty indeed!
just like my son :)

filling my space 
with elements that have a special pull
 on my heart and on my soul...

I adore a little sparkle
so I strung crystals upon my overhead branch
along with a few white sparkly starfish and white silk lotus flowers...

and there you have it!
a place where I can listen to the whispers of my heart...

perhaps you will be inspired to design a little quiet space
 for yourself in your home too!
using your pretties and secret treasures
to simply ~ just be ~

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here's to those quiet spaces of stillness!


  1. Oh my...I'm speechless! This is breathtaking! And you can have your photo's turned into a shower curtain?!?! My mind is officially blown!

  2. What a lovely tranquil spot you've created for yourself, Rosemary! This has truly inspired me. I seriously have to follow your example. It's time I create myself a spot like yours and start with yoga again. Thanks for sharing this!
    Tania at FARRAGOZ

  3. A lovely idea beautifully realized ~ very clever on the shower curtain! Could you please post the link for where you had that done??

    Thanks ~

  4. Ahem... I found your link...

    1. Oh Rosemary, please visit me and create a space like for me. How soothing and calm your space is. I can picture you meditating in this serene space.

  5. What a fantastic idea! You know, I have a sparkly shower curtain strung on a rod and hung behind my bed as a sort of de facto headboard---I could see making a personalized one with a lovely photo as you have done. Also, lthe decorated branch you used to hang it on :)

  6. Everything you do is beautiful Rosemary! This is such a lovely, serene space you have created. Just like your entire home.
    hugs from here...

  7. ..............I am calmer just viewing this lovely post!! what a brilliant idea and serene spot!!! I adore this for you......got me thinking..................

  8. How lovely,,,,,,, I am relaxed by just reading this post, brilliant use of the space.

  9. Oh Rosemary, your space is so lovely, I could sit for hours.. I was so glad to see a post from you this morning, I have been feeling down-perhaps I need a sanctuary too

  10. Oh Rosemary, such a lovely place to be you, I was glad to see a post from you today, I was feeling down and reading your blog always lifts my spirits

  11. What an exquisite space you have created. I'm enchanted once again, and sooo inspired to create a space of my own.


  12. Such a beautiful, tranquil space, Rosemary. I do a little yoga in the early morning on a rug next to the armoire in our tiny cottage. That early in the morning, I am still sleepy, and move quietly with my eyes closed. How lovely it must be to spend time in this beautiful space that you have created.


    ~ Lin

  13. What a peaceful, serene, and comforting space you created, Rosemary. I love the idea of surrounding ourselves with things that delight our senses. You did that so perfectly. ♥

    xoxo laurie

  14. So calm, so cosy, so beautiful...

  15. Oh, how lovely!

    That curtain is absolutely stunning! The space you have created is beautiful and so peaceful. This is a wonderful place to center yourself for the day. I think this is the most creative room space I've seen on the web. I'm giddy over it.



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