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Oct 12, 2010

...musical pears and a paper pumpkin carriage tutorial

...hello dear readers!

Today I will be sharing with you
 a tutorial of
how to make your very own,

~ paper pumpkin carriage ~

Here is the bare minimum list of supplies that you will need:
*a paper mache pumpkin
*mod podge (I use the matte finish)
*paint brush or foam brush
*vintage sheet music

(later, you will see what I mean about minimum supplies...)

Shall we get started?

First, I like to hand tare my sheet music into strips
and place them into a dish of warm water

I find that when they are hand torn as opposed to cutting
they will receive the water better.
I also soak them because it makes them a little more pliable
and I don't have to use as much mod podge.

Next, place a piece of waxed paper or parchment paper
or even a silpat, under your work space.
It is important to use only these as opposed to like let's say,
Trust me!!
There is nothing worse than anticipating a lovely covered pumpkin,
only to find that once it has dried
and you go to remove it from the newspaper, 
that it has dried actually stuck to the Sunday funnies!! 

I don't think you will be laughing...

Now start applying a good coat of mod podge to your paper mache pumpkin  

after you've covered the entire area,
start placing your soaked paper strips around
the pumpkin.

keep your mod podge and brush handy
as you will need to keep applying it as you go around
and the paper covers the other strips.

keep wrapping until you are happy with how it looks.

When you happy with how it looks and feel you have finished,
go over the entire pumpkin again with a final coat of mod podge.

Don't be afraid to use your hands to smooth as you go...

Now you can do any shape you like! 

Like say ~ these pears...

these cracked, not so lovely pears,
 will become ~ 

covered in musical notes!

By using the same process as the pumpkin.
and yes,
you COULD stop here ~

and wait for them to dry
and be happy with their new look...

you should know me by now,
and this was just day ONE!

(This is what I meant by the bare minimum supplies.)

Now it would be nice if you could just roll right into applying
this next step,
but it is important to let your music strips dry overnight.


Day Two:
~ adding the lace ~

1st ~ prepare your work space like before
2nd ~ run your piece of lace under water and get it wet,
then place it in a glass dish and pour some mod podge over it.
Squeeze it all through the lace,

add more if your lace doesn't feel covered enough.
It should feel like you covered your lace in yogurt!
For this next step,
use a plastic to-go container to raise the pumpkin up off of the waxed paper.
This is so the lace can hang down beyond the base of the pumpkin.
Now, drape the lace over the entire pumpkin,
pinching it up on the sides as if you were pulling a curtain back.
Play with it until you are happy with how it looks.
Now take a needle and thread
and just basically stitch through the side gathers,
this will ensure your "curtain" will dry just as you wish.
Do all four sides.
Two in the front,
two in the back.

Fluff your lace around the top of your carriage
and fan out the bottom sides.
When it is dry, it will be stiff but still pliable, just not moveable.

I couldn't resist!!
I did the pears that way too :)

...for tiny pear carriages!!!

using the same process as before and
again, let these dry overnite.

Day Three:
~ embellishing ~

I love to use rhinestone buckles for the carriage doors!
It looks so romantic...

For this next step, use a buckle of your choice.
Draw an outline of your buckle in pencil on the front of your pumpkin.

Use an ex-acto knife and carefully cut where you have outlined your buckle shape.
Here, I am using the Versa-Tool, with the hot knife tip attachment.
If you have never used one of these all I can say is
that it cuts most anything like butter!!
Not necessary, just a little easier and it gives a little smoother cut...

go all the way around your shape and once it is cut,
remove the outlined piece.

Now glue on your buckle.
I like to use liquid nails in clear.
It's almost like instant gratification!
~ but, use your favorite glue,
and allow your carriage door to dry.
I lay my pumpkin on it's side overnight.
Unless you want your elegant carriage door to slide off!!

The next step ~ you will need some wooden wheels.
Attach them to wooden dowel rods.
Then paint them the color of your choice.
Once dry,
put them under your pumpkin carriage, to see where you want to glue them.
Hot glue these to the base of your carriage.

I used a leftover piece of lace to cover the bottom
and one of my lace Ozma tags.

Now you can add whatever you would like to decorate your carriage!

Here, I used some silk fabric butterflies,
rhinestone button pullbacks,
and grunge dyed ribbons and roses!

Here is the finished pumpkin carriage!
What do you think??

...a silver tray full of pretties.
See the mini pear carriages??

I couldn't find any wheels small enough that I was happy with.
They where all to chunky.
So I settled upon these vintage bells as this is a magical music carriage!!
I also used cameos in place of the rhinestone buckles for these.
Mostly because these pears were styrofoam,
so I needed something to cover the entire hole.

This is a bottle that I covered in lace and then embellished
with grunge dyed roses and ribbons.
I made the tag out of some lace that I mod podged,
but then layed it flat on the wax paper so I could then cut it out like paper.
I then sewed on a lovely, silk Da Vinci women image
and added a cotton ribbon rose out of the same grunged ribbon.

added a few silk butterflies...

in the back I added a swirly mother-of-pearl button
and a piece of lace and silk
and one final silk butterfly!!

There you have it!
A few pretties covered in lace ~

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial,
and if you make a pumpkin carriage, I'd really love to see it!!

Happy White Wednesday!!

I'm linking up with Kathleen
Stop by and see a few more inspiring souls!


On Friday,
I will reveal a giveaway...

until then ~
here's to mod podged lace pretties!


  1. Oh Rosemary, thank you so much! I love this idea, and I really need one of my very own. Can't wait to go out tomorrow and find a paper mache pumpkin and get started!

    Thanks for sharing, I have just the spot for one!

  2. How wonderful and fun looking to make-so unique!

  3. What fun! You can do so many things with this!

  4. This is AMAZING, Rosemary!!!! Thank you for such a great tutorial!

    Happy White Wednesday!

  5. This is a great tutorial! What a lovely carriage a pumpkin can be! Will it stay this way even after midnight? ::Jill

  6. I honestly don't think I've seen anything quite so creative before (and, I'm pretty creative!) Wow. The pumpkin carriage is breathtaking. Don't know what else to say. Simply breathtaking! JAD

  7. Fabulous Rosemary ~ An Amazing Tutorial, Thanks for sharing with us.... Not only did I learn a clever creations, I heard of a fun looking tool, I guess I will have to get a Versa-Tool, looks like something every studio needs
    Have a Wonderful week, if you get a chance, stop on by

  8. Wow! What a wonderful project! I can't wait to get started on my very own pumpkin carriage.... I love the idea of displaying it on a silver tray! I'm going to figure out a way to include tiny twinkling white lites... :)mercedes

  9. That´s an awesome project Rosemary. So So beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing.
    xo Tina

  10. Dear Rosemary,
    Gorgeus, such wonderfull a little adventure, you shared with us,here,-thankyou so much sweet.I love your pumpkin---andddd the pears, they are fabolous all, and the tutorial, beautifully made.
    Hope I can find pear forms here-or a pumpkin...
    Happy wednesday,and hugs

  11. Oh so wunderfull......looks like a fairytale to me......
    Fine day my dear

  12. Absolutely beautiful! The whimsical carriages have carried me right into a creative wonderland. Thank You for sharing your creativity and for inspiring me today. I will look forward to stopping by to visit your blog frequently!

  13. LOVE LOVE LOVE your pumpkin carriage Rosemary. Do you lay awake at night dreaming up new pretties to make? Your mind must run a million miles and hour and I am VERY THANKFUL!!

  14. Rosemary...you are such a lovely soul to share your tutorial with us. How beautiful!

    I have a huge show this weekend and when I get back, I am taking the rest of the year off to play and create the things I want for ME and this will be one of them!

    Love to you my beautiful friend,

  15. Oh, wow! Your carriage is just stunning, and so very imaginative! Love it! Yes, it sounds like your carriage and my paper roses were meant for each other! :)

  16. Wow, what a gorgeous pumpkin carriage! I cannot wait to try to make one of these. Thanks for sharing this tutorial!

  17. Oh how magical!!! So happy I stopped by!

  18. I love this idea! Thank you for sharing your tutorial and I plan on adding a link on my blog :)

  19. LOVE your darling 'Cinderella Carriage" and wanted you to know that I think you can find little metal wheels small enough for your carriages (even pear size!) at Cherry Tree Toy company! I have used them many times and they ship very quickly and products are great! Keep making darling items!

  20. Can't wait to try this! After all Sinderella's Studio must have a collection of carriages. I just found my first one that I purchased and now I can add to that! Your's are all beautiful. I am here by way of Donnie at oc cottage - her carriage came out great too.
    cheers, dana

  21. What a super cool idea. I have to try something like this soon :)

  22. thank you for the tutorial...Violette^o^

  23. What a darling carriage!! I am keeping this for future reference!!

    bee blessed

  24. Jill McCall (who makes beautiful things) posted this on Pinterest. When I saw it, it just took my breath away. I thought to myself, I wish I could make something like this. So I went to your blog so I could add it to my favorites and there WAS A TUTUORIAL, I could not believe it. I already have a white pumpkin and all the supplies. The things you make are FABULOUS, tonight I am going to sit down and go thru your whole blog, I am so happy inside right now. Isn't it funny how this pumpkin carraige and tutorial make my day. You are VERY inspiring to me and I cannot wait until everyone is asleep and I can look for hours. Thank you so much for sharing the tutorial. Do you think you will join Pinterst, I think you will be suprised how many artists will feel the same as I do. Thanks Jill McCall for putting this on Pinterest!!


    Cindy Leaf


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