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Mar 17, 2011

...an anthropologie inspired necklace

...hello sweets!!

do ya feel lucky today??
wellll, do ya'??!!

(always wanted to say that once in my life!)
((note to self, cross off Clint's saying on bucket list))

well, in honor of St. Patrick's day,
and as that shamrock green is
 not my color,
my gift to you is ~
 sharing my "anthropologie" inspired stone necklace
mini tutorial instead!!

so grab your pretties and lets begin!!

my inspiration is taken from all the pretties in the anthro jewelry section
a lot of smooth, polished stones are being used.
I really just wanted a pretty little something to wear this weekend to the sea:)
so the colors I chose for this, were muted and stormy sky colors.

 when I spied this at Target, I thought
and then, when I turned it over to check out the price,
yes, yes!!!
was my reply, as it had been marked down.

loved the smoothness,
and the color was just what I was after.

I took a snippet of neutral lace
and stitched the top of it to gather it a bit,
and then put it through the jump ring and stitched it on,
like so

next came the flower.
now, there are many tutorials on the "burned edge" flowers
so if your not sure about these
just google it and you will find all the info you need!

I made a few in different sizes in the sea grey color I was after

and stacked them until I was happy with the shape,
then just stitched them together in the center.

add a vintage pearl drop earring...

and voila!
a pretty little flower for my necklace for the sea:)

"sea" how pretty it looks on?!
(my bad!)

I also made a lovely sea silk tie bracelet
I just couldn't help myself...

 one of my most favorite shades...


and the best part about this piece is,

I can also wear it as a choker necklace too:

I hope you were inspired to try your hand
at making something new and lovely to wear...

I will be sharing this over at Common Ground's
come see what other "luck" you have in finding something inspiring!

here's to the lovely shade of sea grey!


  1. ooooooooooo, and ooooooooo, soooo pretty!!!

  2. Hello, oh so pretty, thanks for the wonderful tutorial. I love it. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Terri

  3. This necklace is so lovely. I hope you have a wonderful day at the ocean.


  4. I love the necklace. New to your blog and found you via Common Ground Vintage Friday. Enjoyed browsing your "pretties." Please visit me sometimes, comment and follow if you like. Tiff

  5. Ooh, Rosemary, this makes my heart skip a beat!!! So lovely.


  6. They are both gorgeous Rosemary! I love sea gray too, it's one of my favorite colors, thanks for the tutorial xoxo

  7. These adornments are lovely. I would wear them with a linen Tshirt.
    I don't care for green, either.
    I enjoy reading your blog. It Is so romantic, charming and imaginative.

  8. that's just lovely I'm sure better than the originals that inspired you

  9. it's heavenly rosemary..so serenely beautiful. i love iti paired with the ruffled blouse. that bracelet/choker is gorgeous as well! you are so very, very talented mon amie! sigh...have a most delightful time at your beloved mer....

  10. I was in love with the necklace....until I saw the bracelet!!! I need one!!!! They're both beautiful!!!!

  11. You have so much talent girl!! Love both of these. I think you should go into business! :)

  12. Very beautiful! I love this work of art...and love! ♥

  13. All your pieces are so beautiful and just so feminine....I love the shade of gray as well. Very pretty...the blouse is lovely too...
    Happy St. Patrick's Day

  14. it is truly gorgeous Rosemary!! love love!!


  15. Oh my goodness! So beautiful. Thank you for the tutorial.

  16. Hi Rosemary, what beautiful pieces, you are so talented.... and all of your photo's are just gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  17. I bet you are so stylish and stunning in all your gorgeous handmade finery! Lovely, so very lovely!!

  18. Just so lovely, Rosemary. You have such a creative spirit; all things beautiful! The bracelet/choker is wonderful. LOVE IT!!
    Thank you so much for being such a wonderful supporter of VIF. I look forward to your posts each week.

  19. Rosemary, I am so glad you did this as a tutorial rather than a give away - I will definitely try these. They are both so lovely and your burned flower is just smashing!
    Thank you for sharing this, it is just wonderful!

  20. Now that is Beautiful..... Perfect Treasure for Spring! Thanks for sharing & Have a wonderful weekend, Hope you get a chance to stop on by...

  21. Oh my goodness.....what talent! These pieces are utterly gorgeous!

  22. You are such inspiration, and your lightest touch makes the world more beautiful to me.
    Lynn x

  23. Rosemary,
    Completely gorgeous....wow!!! Love it & want to try making one.....:)


  24. Oh wow girl you are so like my daughter and myself...We love to find jewels on the cheep at Target and then set off to alter them !!

    Love what you have done with the rose, and the pearls nest perfectly, a perfect piece to love!!!

  25. Ooooh! Rosemary forgot to mention I love the new header! I have created one for myself tooooo!


  26. Rosemary, you are a wonderfull artist,
    those two pieces are gorgeus,both.
    I love the grey tones, too, and the flowers you made are BEAUTIFULL, --you are so talented--I might have said that before,dear-but I truly mean it.

  27. So gorgeous! I want them all!

  28. As I visit your blog as well as your Etsy shop I feel an instant peace within. Your words are inspiring and your art tranquil, unique, ahhhhh inspiring, and uplifting. Your entryway table looks beautiful. How nice that your talent allows for you to transform your home into a slice of heaven. Thank you for allowing me into your world. It's a blessing.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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