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Mar 3, 2011

...french flair ~ puttin' on the "spritz"!

...hello dear ones!

well, here it is!!
my vintage seltzer bottle that I shared with you last week:)
only now,
"vintage coutured"!!!

below, we have exhibit A:
the said seltzer bottle.

I loved the lines of this,
the shine from the silver,
the graceful pump,
the little windows...
I just wasn't feelin' the green glass below!

and as I am all about the complete visual,
I challenged myself to find a lovely resolve
so that wherever I place this bottle,
it could be appreciated.

I tried many materials before the "halo appeared"
I chose wispy gauze, because it is easily shaped.
 and I still wanted to see
that there were windows beneath these new little "dresses" :)
using the complicated technique I learned in kindergarten
I simply wrapped the end of a pencil eraser with little ovals of gauze
and Elmer's glued them onto each little window
like you did with the little tissue paper squares as a child
for a mother's day flower project!

twisting and pulling the gauze randomly,
until I was happy with the visual result.

I let that dry overnight.

(glued gauze drying & me sleeping)

I now could live with the gauze covered , green glass windows!!
 that wasn't enough,
it needed something...
something that evoked a little romance!!
and what better to evoke that, than a strand of vintage pearls??
I just love the patina on them that you simply can NOT get with new ones!!
and these were most especially appealing to my eye
because of the duo tones of matte and shine...
so with my skinny thin wire,
I started twisting them on,
in a chicken wire patterned fashion.

 a pretty little pearl for each window!

~ LOVE IT!! ~

next came the neck adornment
as any self respecting,
french dressed bottle would require!!
so naturally,
I tied white sea silk ribbons around it,
and fashioned a focal piece out of a vintage sterling silver filigree buckle,
a vintage french medal, a large silver rhinestone,
a white feather, and a petite vintage rosebud sprig
put them all together and you get this:

so what do you think of this "vintage coutured" seltzer bottle now??

perhaps you'd care for a spritz????

oh yes, please!
I'll have what she's having....
and could you make that a double??!!


thanks for stopping by today:)

I am joining along with these lovely ladies blog parties!
The French Cupboard's French Inspired Blog Party
French Country Nest's Feathered Nest Friday
My Romantic Home's Show and Tell Friday

here's to things I learned in kindergarten!!


  1. WOW Rosemary, this is beyond gorgeous! What an incredibly creative way to beautify an already pretty piece. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.


  2. Rosemary,
    Only YOU could make a seltzer bottle look so romantic.


  3. I was more concerned with what I was wearing to kindergarten than what they were teaching. Come to think of it all of my memories are of a fashion nature....hmmmmm.....interesting.

    LOVIN' your beautiful spritzer bottle, my sweet and talented friend.

    Once again, your dreamy and romantic style has wooooooooo'd me.

  4. Aren't you clever? I'll have my address sent to you shortly so you can package that little sweet treasure up and send to me for my bath...(snicker) It is truly lovely!

  5. Rosemary ... you always knock my socks off... I would love to sit down some day and mix up a cocktail {or two} with you! ... how much fun or trouble could we have?

    I'm happy you've linked up to the Voila! party today ... you always have inspiration to share ... thank you!


  6. If I stood very, very still, could you prettify me too Rosemary? I'm just sure you do it! Everything you create is a gorgeous. I love how your creative mind looks at things. This bottle turned out magical.
    Speaking of how you look at things...I read and loved your WW post about choosing joy. We all have so many things in our lives that could get us down if we let them, but we have the power to look at our glasses half-full and not half-empty, and when we do that our lives change and then all we see is the good.
    sending love your way...

  7. are you KIDDING me? make mine a triple! j'adore mon amie!!

  8. Just gorgeous! You certainly know how to give an old girl new life. Can I make an appointment???

  9. It is gorgeous...Nope I never did the pencil eraser gauze in grad school, so, I would never have thought of this!


  10. J'adore your vintage spritz couture! You've made it even more gorgeous. How creative!!!

    Saying bonjour from another French Inspiration participant.

  11. I think you have to ability to take anything and make it beautiful. I always enjoy coming to visit your blog because it has such a calming affect. I love your little spritzer and I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hello Rosemary!
    You never cease to amaze me with your ability to take something and make it beautiful! The
    spritzer bottle is now "tres chic!" I love it.


  13. Hi Rosemary~ I Love this!!! Such a delightful and pretty little bottle now!!! You are so creative!! Some of that stuff that we learned in Kindergarden has come in pretty handy!! :) Thanks for sharing at FNF! :)

  14. I'll have a double too...no...make that the whole bottle!

    So pretty! Enjoy your weekend!!

  15. How many ways can you say Lucious. Beautiful bottle. Clever you!

  16. I love how you dolled that up. Makes a spectacular difference. I am really liking your ocean waves sounds on your blog. I can close my eyes and imagine laying on the beach in the sun. Makes it even better since it is 40 degrees here and the wind is blowing!!!~~Sherry~~

  17. Just gorgeous, Rosemary! You definitely have the "pretty" gene going on. I don't know how you think of these things! I love it when you come to the party!

  18. I just love how dress up ordinary things!!

  19. Hi Rosemary,

    I love how you transformed the bottle and the Madonna metal is the perfect finishing touch. I'm visiting for French Inspiration blog party.

    Have a wonderful day...

    Stephanie ♥

  20. I love your technique! This looks exquisitely romantic!

  21. Wow - this is absolutely stunning! love it...your lucky to have a "halo" like you do! xoxo


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