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May 26, 2011

...a "rose"y note

hello lovelies!!...

today ~
i had every intention
to show you my

(duh, duh, duuunn...)
((dramatic music!!))
{santos mermaid grotto} 

but alas...

that was not the theme for this weeks
photo challenge over at Tricia's - A Rosy Note

with a song in my heart,
i switched gears
and took photos of a few flowers from my garden instead.

my "rose"y notes:

i have
been inspired by beautifully taken photographs,
on so many different blogs,
by so many talented women...
i'm sure you have your faves!!


i too,
truly wish to be able to take
"those types of photos"
and have challenged myself
to get to know my camera
 a little better!!


Tricia takes some fabulous close-ups!
that are crisp, clear and perfectly lit..
she has inspired me to learn to do the same.
it is my endeavor to capture the same results in my images...


 as i wish to share beauty with all of you
the things that i see in the land of odds...
the way i see them ~
and the stories they have to tell...


after much diligence
i may come to understand just what "ISO"
and "depth of field" are
and more importantly,
HOW to use them!!

there is much to learn ~
and it seems a bit overwhelming...
i do better with being shown
rather than reading "how to" about it.





so thank you Tricia
just to name a few, 
and all those other talented girls
takin' fabulous pictures out there!
you inspire us all!!


and who knows,
perhaps one of these days,
you will be inspired by what i see through my lens...


even after i sprinkle a little magic on them :)


sharing this over at:
Common Ground's: Vintage Inspiration Friday
French Country Cottage's: Feathered Nest Friday
A Rosy Note's: Photo Feature Friday
Life-n-Reflection's:  Weekend Texture Twist
all my pictures were taken using
a canon rebel xs
with a 90 mm macro lens
no further processing was done to these
except to lighten them.
excluding the very first and last picture :)

here's to striving to meet and rise above a challenge,
even if it takes awhile!!


  1. I'm ALWAYS in Awe of your photos and blog in general, my friend.

    Having to leave this comment anonymous due to technical difficulties on Google's part, UGH

    Hugs, Rhonda

  2. I hear you Rosemary! I do better with someone showing me versus reading a book too. Is that what we are supposed to be paying attention to? The ISO and depth of field?? Who would have thunk?? :)
    I LOVE your photos just as they are! Especially the ones that you tweak and add swirlys too! Everyone has their own style and I LOVE YOURS!!!!
    Sandi@wayside treasures
    only way I can comment is anonymously .ugh.

  3. Your photo's are like being in fairyland! I just love the dreamy quality of them:)

  4. Hi dear Rosemary--wow I`m glad Debra told about the anonymous commenting.. until blogger is right back again...
    I`m always so in love here with your beautiful photoes- they are dreamy, and full of adventure.
    Your post from yesterday is fantastic-- I would love to join on a tour unto this wonderful ship- so very wonderful.
    Hugs,and love -DORTHE

  5. Oh, so pretty! They are like a dream.

  6. Delightful mermaid and dreamy photos, Rosemary. I commend you for challenging yourself to learn more about photography. Isn't it often you see something in real life that you truly want to capture the beauty of in a fabulous photo? Happens to me.
    I envy you for honing your skills. I can barely figure out my 'point & shoot' camera.
    All the best,

  7. I love your mermaid grotto!!! And your flower photos are absolutely wonderful.

  8. They sing, these roses wrapped in lace.

  9. Beautiful sweet Rosemary! And I am already wildly inspired by your beautiful photographs, so I can only imagine the wonders to come as you become more familiar with those ISO thingies! :-)


  10. Such beautiful shots of your flowers, and your mermaid is such a lovely creation! Thanks Rosemary, for linking up with VIF! xoxo Debra


    ROSEMARY you are the winner of my place of shelter post! You won my sign :)

    When I saw it was you that won, I said oh! darn it is going to a great artist herself and how can my art compete with hers? :) LOL!

    I love all that you inspire and create, I hope this sign reminds you of the place of SHELTER you create in, safe and soulfully!

    Please send me your full NAME and ADDRESS to my email address... DH4designs@aol.com

    Come for a visit see you named the WINNER!


  12. Oh you already are absolutely inspiring Rosemary! :) I love Tricia's photos and party as well! Your post is wonderful~love your photos and sweet mermaid~ thanks for sharing this at my party this week! Have a great weekend! :)

  13. Oh Rosemary, I think you're photos already look wonderful! Thank you for all of the sweet compliments you give me and for sharing your pretty post at Photo Feature Friday ♥


  14. I looooove your magic world!!!

    congrats and greetings from Spain,

  15. Hi Rosemary,
    But your photos are already amazing, if you have much to learn, then I lool forward to watching:-)
    Your mermaids tail is divine!

  16. Absolutely gorgeous Rosemary!

    Hope you are well my friend!


  17. I am ALWAYS inspired by your amazing pictures Rosemary! They are always gorgeous!!! This post is proof of that. Beautiful photos all!
    hugs from here...


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