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May 5, 2011

...strung out...

...did you know
those first small step are the very hardest of all??

hello  dear ones!

no matter the challenges we face
sometimes those first, small steps
can be daunting...
i know ~
i know!

as you may have been reading
here in the land of odds,
(and this will be the last post i will mention it: PROMISE!!)

i have been going through my home,
weeding out things
that are no longer
"who i am today"
do not have a place to be out and pretty

letting go can be hard...

these small challenges don't have to leave you strung out to dry
i have found that this
s-l-o-o-w process
has made nice

spaces of nothingness

as in notta...

a blank canvas to invision
something new
nothing at all!


who knew "jeanne d'arc living" would seep in,
take hold
and inspire my surroundings

i CAN live without it


this is a darling little baby shoe
that i "strung" a piece of silk ribbon onto
and added some vintage bling

a whimsy "small step" neck adornment
that i have hanging on my mannequin at the moment
reminding me to keep going
you're almost there...

and perhaps
 this jar of vintage baby shoes
has finally found a purpose too

what do you think my dears,
would you like
a first step whimsy necklace too?!


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A Rosy Note's: Photo Feature Friday
* pics in a nutshell *
shot with a canon rebel xs
90 mm macro lens
kim klassen's "life's good" texture
set at soft light/ opacity 67%


here's to a new canvas to paint who we are today!


  1. Love your new necklace for the dress form! She looks fabulous! I too have been cleaning sorting and tossing... must be spring! xoxooxo

  2. Love this post, I am suppose to be Weeding out & DeCluttering, but instead I am EnJoying the Day, guess when the Sun goes down, I will continue to Let Go of Stuff.... Thanks for the Reminder~

  3. I adore old baby shoes they are so wonderful. So love the idea of reducing and recreating but haven't mastered it yet, LOL. What wonderful inspiration you have given us all.

  4. Yes, we do change over time and I like the way you put it...."to weed out things that are no longer who I am..."

    I need to do some of the same. Thanks for the inspiration.


  5. beautiful sentiments and so nicely said. i always find so much inspiration here...not only in the photographs but in your words..they hold such "meaning." you are on a journey i see...i am "along" for the ride mon amie! :)

  6. Very pretty! I feel the need to weed things out too...now I just need to make it happen. Thanks for sharing your post at Photo Feature Friday :)


  7. I love cleaning out the old and starting new. It feels so happy and clean when you bring new things into your home.
    About your post on my blog, I wish the housing market was slow here. I'm in Texas and have to buy a new real house with more space. Things are selling like crazy!! I'm giving myself a fall deadline. I guess I'm really getting rid of the old. I also decided to change my furniture. So everything new for me(I hope!). I'm definitely in love with your style!

  8. Oh...those baby shoes on the clothesline...perfect sweetness! Your posts have encouraged me so...to keep on...it is so much one step after another...

  9. Learning to let go is a big step in life. I'm taking those steps. Love your photos, so so pretty! xoxo Debra

  10. How pretty are your pictures and your header is breathtaking.
    Those baby shoes are super cute.

  11. Very pretty pictures and love your baby shoes.

  12. I am in this long process as well. The letting go is hard and sometimes punctuated with tears (at least for me), but I do know that when all is said and done, I will be better for it and it will be a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.


  13. So gorgeous! You are a true artist!

  14. Beautifully said, Rosemary. Starting fresh, weeding out the what is no longer us. Isn't it great to blossom every year when we are so inspired by such beauty out there in the world?

    xoxoxoxo Rhonda

  15. How ethereal ...how beautiful....this post is!

  16. Hi Rosemary,
    I too think it's good to let things go at times. It's like a big deep breath that cleanses the soul. Doing a lot of that here too, but so much to go!
    Love your soothing photos, dear one!

  17. So inspiring and creative and just simply a wonderful pleasure to look at.....I love your beautiful baby shoes and just about everything you make and show!!!! Love the softness of yur blog.....and yes so love the look of JDL, isn't it amazing how simple and yet striking their decorating is.....does make me want to Spring clean too!!!!
    Margaret B

  18. Love your photos Rosemary and especially the one of all the baby shoes hanging on the line. Too cute! I also love the way you embellish your photos with swirls etc. Would love to learn that someday. lol

  19. Shall I laugh or shall I cry? After a rather sleepless night, I have been down in the paper and fabric room (aka the basement...next room is the pit of despair followed by the pit of utter despair) Now, I am having the same problem. I have exchanged JUNK! It truly isn't junk but little rolls of vintage wallpaper, hats cover with flowers, odds and ends of china cups, seam binding in growing colors...these are things I had never hear of ten (five?) years ago and my house is being overcome by them. The same thing is happening in the bead room, when I have fifteen years of dated beads (many of course, are the forever kind) but I am crying out to etch brass and solder and play with more resin and make fabric buttons to use as closures and hammer down washers and take apart old watches. What's a girl to do?

    OK, Connie, this isn't my blog...I just TOTALLY relate...and crave a few pairs of tiny baby shoes...any extras...teehee!

  20. OK,now I really will cry (not really) but remember, night of no sleep...add to that , just came from Connie's blog. Rosemary. I really did know this was your blog.

    Furiously blushing Suz

  21. Gorgeous Rosemary! Your photos are so beautiful and you are so full of inspirations!! Love your sweet post! As for the fizzy lifty drink party~ come on over!!! :) Hugs, Courtney

  22. Hi Rosemary, Love your baby steps and all of your baby shoes :)!
    Have a great rest of the week!
    ~ Julie

  23. Prachtige blog!!
    Fijn weekend,

    Woonwinkel 't Zolderrijk


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