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Jul 12, 2011

...miss muffet

...welcome to the land of odds

an enchanted place where you just never know
just what IS going on behind that lace curtain!!


let's draw back the curtain
and discover what is in store for us today!!

shall we??!

~ miss muffet ~

a modern day fairytale...


the beautiful miss muffet

sits upon her elegant lace tuffet

enjoying her hand churned ice cream,

pondering what to do constructive with her day...


along came mr. posh spider

and politely asks 
 if he could sit down beside her,
if he promises
 to frighten her away...

miss muffet thought for a moment or two

wellll...i suppose it wouldn't hurt to visit with you

as she confidently tosses her curls his way ~

and thinks:
 "after all, i've just finished with my self defense lesson for the day
perhaps it might be nice
 to have a little different company  ~ okay!"


so she offers him a few bites of her frozen treat
to which in turn he tells her
"the delicious flavor simply could not be beat!"

 miss muffet responded with
"oh, how utterly sweet!"

and leaned in to place a small kiss upon his furry cheek

(she was mostly curious about the softness of his sparkly, gray fur!!)


but she came to quickly realize ~

mr. posh spidey had more than hearts in his eyes

and that was waaayyy more than what this P.Y.T. wanted to give!
((pretty young thing))

so she reached down for a can of her secret weapon...
which was never very far
out of her reach.

and being a girl in this modern day,
i think we can all agree
that there are still "creepers" that need to be kept at bay!

she coyly inquires

"aaahhh,  mr. posh spider,

have you ever seen stars in your eyes?!!!!


acting very swiftly,
for the situation had gotten quite tricky,

he immediately recoiled his inappropriate affection ~
 not really craving that sort of bug spray sensation

and asked her to beg his pardon straight away!!

miss muffet said coolly
 "not a problem,
i'm sure it was the sugar rush from the ice cream along with the heat of the day!"

shall we instead, just be friends?
to which he agrees would be best in the end
and is grateful to have narrowly escaped such tragedy that day!!

now i'm sure you may wonder
what became of miss muffet and mr. posh spider?

so to satiate your curiosity
i shall continue their story from there,

they became the bestest of buds
and sometime later during that same year,
they decided to put their heads together
and open a business of beautiful frozen treats.
as mr. spidey was loaded,
and miss muffet,
she was insanely gifted with delightful ideas
that truely needed to be tasted and seen!

so they started a very successful line
of frozen bottle sculptures
~ petite roses frozen in wine ~

and can you believe , are booked solid until the end of 2029?!

which is a very long time in spidey years :)

well my dears ~
 that's it and that's all
another modern day fairytale resolved


do come again
and stay for awhile
in the land that dreams come true...

until then
mr. posh spidey bids you all...

sharing this fairytale with
Faded Charm's: White Wednesday

here's to modern day fairytales!


  1. If a spider could be cute that one certainly is! I enjoyed the tale Rosemary.

  2. It just doesn't get any cuter than this!!! I really love this fairy tale and your photos are beautiful.


  3. too bad he didn't turn into a prince when she kissed him!

  4. What a beautiful story and gorgeous photos!! You really need to do this professionally Rosemary!!

  5. Rosemary!
    I have fallen in love with Mr. Spider :)
    so creative of you, but would we expect anything less from you!! (Nope-pers!)

    I am in total shock to have received a beautiful package in the mail from my sweet friend. I will had the tags to my holiday tree of twigs, I will treasure them, they are PERFECT! I also loved you silks and remembered you psoted about them many postings ago. There so pretty I hate to use any of it other then a beautiful display of beauty and inspiration.

    I did cut a tiny piece of the silk gray and tied it with a diamond stoned vintage brooch around the neck of a vintage bottle that now sits on her chest of drawers in her bedroom!

    I am so thankful for your gifting me such soulful gifts!! Truly you have no idea how much it meant to me! you are a friend to love:)

    Blessings to you and yours.
    Come visit my Home that speaks French.

  6. Miss Muffet never looked so beautiful, and Mr. Posh Spidey is a charmer. Best to them with their frozen rose business.
    What a gorgeous setting Rosemary!!! Love all those photo touches.
    Happy WW dear,

  7. How cute was this? Beautifully done, I do love a good story.

  8. That was a most delightful modern day fairy tale, indeed. Very entertaining...and LOVELY!!! Happy White Wednesday!

    Waving from Our Back Porch,

  9. That is the cutest post ever! Great idea, too!

    Wedding blogs will eat it up.



  10. How fun, unique, and full of fantasy! Beautiful photos...

  11. Delightfully sweet!!! Beautiful Miss Muffet!
    Celeste, The Victorian Tailor

  12. You are just so creative! Thanks for the cute story and pictures to illustrate your tale.

  13. a very cute tale. just found and followed you through White Wednesday.


  14. Oh Rosemary, You are truly lovely!! I loved this spin on the Mother Goose Rhyme! And how stunning are those ice sculptures!!! Congrats on the business and being booked.
    Have a wonderful day.

  15. I really enjoyed your fairytale and photos. The music was also a nice touch:-)

    Hope you are enjoying your summer so far.


  16. Rosemary, you are a star, dear- made me smile big-
    what a beautiful stoty to start my day with.

  17. That was just wonderful!! So happy I stopped in for storytime!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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