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Jul 21, 2011

...my jeanne d'arc style, rose-Mary rocking chair makeover

...the rose-Mary rocking chair...

hello dear readers

today is the reveal of what i did with the
faux grain sack fabric from the previous post.

this is a bit long
this chair,
 has a story to tell.


 is my jeanne d'arc living style,
french rose-Mary rocking chair...

back in May,
i stopped by a promising yard sale ~

please understand that where i live,
we are allowed to have a yard sale only twice a year
one in May and one in October

sometimes some really nice stuff is out there ~

...such as this rocker


you must also understand,

i was
seeking a rocking chair ~

i did
want a rocking chair ~
(been there, done that!)

and more importantly,
i had
 to put a rocking chair ~


...it found me...

i purchased a few vintage crystals and fabulous lace bit pieces
from the woman at the yard sale
(she revealed that she had once owned a bridal veil shop and made them)
so i felt thrilled with my new
f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s bits!!

(expensive mind you
fabulous none-the-less)


as i was walking away with my stash o'lace bits and sparkles,

she asked me if i'd please take this rocking chair.

an awkward silence followed ~

i paused for a moment
and pondered...

she sensed my apprehension and said "it is from France"

"hhhmmmmm, it does have the potential to be lovely" i thought
it reaaaaallly wasn't what i was seeking that day
and the color was way to dark for me
as was the HIDEOUS tapestry on the seat

(wished i had taken a photo of that!!)

WHY was she trying to give it away???

she was persistent ~

i tried to be gracious and suggested
that if it didn't sell by the end of the day,
i'd be happy to give it a home. 
she said
"no, i want YOU to have it NOW"

(i'm thinkin' "really?? me?? you don't even know me")

then the little voice inside my head said,

rosemary, this is just for you...
make it beautiful!

i  brought it home


above is a picture that began my inspiration thoughts.
i let the colors and image steep awhile

like 6 weeks to be exact!!

and then,

then this vision came... 

i first painted my chair
with a base coat of the "quiet rain"

(doesn't the sound of that soothe you already??)

then i dry brushed it with "toasted white" 

the faux grain sack cloth.
the seats have a horse hair lining
i covered over this twice with muslin before putting on the "grain sack"

can you say S-C-R-A-T-C-H-Y??!

after the front seat and back seat were complete
i had envisioned putting that image of
 Mary smelling the roses on the front.

but when i finally got to that step
she quietly said no...
not there...

 where then??

as my heart was really set on using that image ~

 the back of the chair then revealed how it wanted to look...

make me into ~ a memory board!
with a ruffled pocket no less,
so my bible would always be within reach..

i love to look at it...

wouldn't you?


a special place to put inspirational pretties :)


and you know how
 i need my ruffles!!


and even Mary liked her surroundings

all i heard from her was...sigh...


a miniature whimsy flower bouquet...

rosemary and lavender

one of my paper clay sacred hearts...

aahhhhh ~
a lovely transformation...

"but wait!"

the chair said!!
"you aren't done with me yet!"

it's true,
it wanted more...

the entire back piece is now Velcro-ed
so that i may pull it back and place my spirit's desires beneath

spirit secrets...


there are three sections.

 i have chosen to put my favorite verses in the first section,

prayer request's in the second,

and the third

is my section for gratefulness

i guess you could say that this chair has really "rocked" my world!!
(oh, that was bad!! lol!)

can you see why i call it the rose-Mary chair
besides the visual carved roses
and the Mary image??

because ~ little touches of me are infused into it,

within it,


and that my dears,
is how He inspires me...
all the way to my core!

i hope you are inspired 
 with how you can transform an object
into something more,
something meaningful and lovely for your home! 

i'll just be over here ~
in my rose-Mary rocking chair,

thinking about just WHERE i am going to put it!
but my guess is,
 it already knows!!

sharing this over at:
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Freckled laundry's: Air your laundry Friday
Miss Mustard Seed's: Furniture Feature Friday
the diy club's: 31-days-of-painting

here's to when things, somehow find ~ YOU!


  1. Oh My Goodness, what a delight to the eyes and heart! I love your beautiful chair and it's so very you.


  2. That is just incredibly amazing. Very gorgeous work! ♥

  3. Oh my goodness....I am in love with this beautiful rocker!!! You are sooooo talented and sooooo inspirational! I adore it =) Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  4. Hello Rosemary...
    Well the smiles never end with this post! The finished rocker, rocked! Then the back gasp, so so amazing (oh those ruffles!), but then the secret hidding spot within, too too much!! This is amazing, PURE DELIGHT!!
    great work!

  5. Amazing! There is now a puddle of drool on my keyboard. I'm in love. Now following along with you.
    ~Aaron {the girl with the boy's name}
    Mudpies & Marigolds

  6. dearest rosemary,
    God is Love!
    Perhaps this is a spiritual keepsake.
    Transformations are not random!
    Nor is the gift that you have been given!
    Our God is an awesome GOD!
    He is faithful!
    xoxo mamma

  7. This is absolutely beautiful, Rosemary! I just love what you've done with it. I think you were absolutely meant to have this rocking chair and I think that woman knew it.

  8. You have most certainly inspired me again today Rosemary!! I have a simple wooden rocker that we purchased new many years ago and it has rocked all my babies. I do not use it and thought of getting rid of it, but I can now see it with some carved rose appliques and a pretty linen cushion etc. etc...wish me luck if this heat wave ever subsides!! Yours is amazingly beautiful!!!

  9. Oh my what a beautiful makeover Rosemary I love it. have a good weekend


  10. Your rocking chair is absolutely stunning and a work of art. Just gorgeous, Rosemary!

  11. Heavenly! This glorious outcome is the reason you were meant to have that chair. It is gorgeous, serene, divine and spiritually functional. I would spend half the day sitting in the chair, and the other half admiring the back. :)
    - Susan

  12. Rosemary - I can not believe the incredibly beautiful job you did on this awesome chair. It is amazing. It is stunning. It is a wonderful tribute and testimony. Wow. You leave me speechless..... ♥ God's richest blessings on you, sweetie.

    xoxo laurie

  13. You are precious to the core. Your rocking chair is simply gorgeous!

    Beautifully created with love and faith.

  14. Oh my what a beautiful beautiful piece!!

  15. You have truly created a treasure, Rosemary...and a tribute to Our Lady. I'm overwhelmed at the details and thought...you were definitely inspired!! Thank you for sharing this...

  16. Oh......my......gosh. What a beauty is this!
    You are a tru artist to create such a beautiful and lovely piece! A real treasure. You'r gonna enjoy this so much!
    XXX Marga

  17. OMG what an amazing transformation of a rocking chair that had good bones in the graceful lines carved in it... and that Message Board back is a fabulous idea! You are a creative Genius and the photos are breath taking.

    Dawn... The Bohemian

  18. I love your chair make-over!!!
    Looks so pretty and romantic.
    Your photo's are beautiful.

    Have a lovely day...


  19. God certainly spoke to you and through you with this chair...beautiful...and inspired.

  20. What a sweet story and an amazing transformation! I love the hidden compartment tucked in the back and every other inch of this sweet chair.
    Visiting from Feathered Nest Friday. TFS!

  21. I adore your beautiful chair with all its secrets.
    You used lace in a whole new way, very inspiring.
    I love all your pictures.
    Angela Lace.

  22. What a lovely idea to have a "special secret place" for sweet thoughts, payers and wishes. If I hadn't already finished my great grandma's chair I probably would have "borrowed" this idea from you. Too darn neat! The rocking chair is exquisite!

  23. Just breathtaking Rosemary! I am in total awe of how you have re-made this into a work of art! Thankyou, thankyou for sharing this with us. xoxo Debra

  24. Wow. I am speechless, Rosemary. That is soooo beautiful. I love every inch of every detail you added. It's breathtakingly pretty and functional. {LOVE} You are one talented woman. That's quite a vision! Anyhow, I cannot say enough good things. I love your paper clay sacred heart. I've been playing around with paper clay myself and boy, does it take some getting used to. I'm impressed on all fronts.

  25. The angels at play again, how wonderful. The woman may enjoy your story,,,especially being intune, like you.
    Heaps of tulips in your day Rosemary.

  26. OHH DEAR....I DO NOT KNOW how you found me this morning, for you graced me with your visit and I am truly glad you did so I could ENTER INTO YOUR WORLD OF GREAT BEAUTY!

    How in the world, HOW IN THE WORLD did you make this? This is so stunning. I often look at a piece and see a vision for it as well....but your skill to actually transform it is exceptional!!! ROSEMARY, thank you for visiting today! I ADORE YOUR WORK and you are amazing.

    WOW!!!!!! Anita

  27. Hello, your rocking chair is stunning. Its one of the prettiest things I have ever seen. May it bring you many years of happiness.

  28. This is the most breathtaking, heart stopping, gloriously feminine rocking chair I have ever laid my eyes upon. Of course you had to take it home as only you could have done it the justice it deserved. And you did just that!


  29. Hi Rosemary
    What a gift from the Lord, not only the rocking chair but the inspiration to transform it the way you did. Not too many people would think to do such an amazing job on this. It certainly was heaven inspired.
    It is just lovely
    Blessings today

  30. Rosemary this is absolutely gorgeous! I LOVE your sweet chair and LOVE the little velcro secret section. It is absolutely wonderful!Definitely meant for you to have!! Sharing this on FB~ thanks for sharing at my party! :)

  31. Hi Rosemary!
    This chair does not just rock your world it rocks our gypsy soul!

    It really does not get any better then this beautiful chair! and the treasured spots are perfect. I love the back, you built us up for the grand finale of the chair and you did not disappoint us.

    I am in total awwww! with that conversation piece back, and the little treasures delight it perfectly.

    Thank you my friend for all that you inspire romantically, thanking you for all your support you give me over at my place, not to mention the beautiful comments you leave on the way out :)

    Come see what I am inspiring, my (Birdcages)

  32. Oh my Rosemary...your new chair is truly beautiful and a work of art from the heart!

  33. See....that woman did know what she was talking about when she insisted you own the chair. Please tell me you sent her a picture of how beautiful it turned out!

  34. YOur new rose Mary Chair is a beautiful work of art Rosemary, truly beautiful. What a loving tribute to your Creator and your faith. I am in awe over here, I was already amazed by it and then when you pulled back the back panel, I'm pretty sure my jaw hit the floor! Really, truly lovely. t. xoxoxooxxo

  35. This is truly breath taking Rosemary! In every way!

  36. wow... I am truly awed by this fantastic piece of art.. you are truly a talented lady! blessings, tina

  37. This rocker is incredible! Such an inspired vision and you have created something sooo special!

  38. A beautiful inspiring post... The transformation leaves me speechless! Thank you for sharing!


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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