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Apr 18, 2013

...lovely adornments

hello dear hearts!
we are FINALLY getting a little spring sunshine and warmth
who-hoooo :)
can you tell that it makes my heart happy?!
to pass those cooler, dreary days away,
i have been designing a few jewelry adornments
for my sea wardrobe,
incorporating my hand dyed sea silk ribbons...
this heart shaped shell, complete with barnacles,
called out to me on etsy one day ~
and i just knew it would be lovely as a necklace!
so i gathered a few of my pretties
bits of lace, hand dyed silk ribbons, jacob's tear beads
pretty blue crystals, gemstones...
basically whatever struck my fancy:)
i started wire wrapping the jacob's tear beads
and went from there...
on the part that rests on the nape of your neck
i made an embellished stripe
so that when my hair is in an up do
it looks pretty too!
(my neck)
((hopefully my up do looks good too!))
(((but at the sea, there are NO promises!! it usually just frizzes out!!
like salty sea hair ~ LOL!!)))
((((hence, why i knew why my hair would be in an up do!!))))
adding bits and bobs of pretties...
 infusing vintage pieces when i can,
such as this tiny medal charm and rhinestone rondelle
i adore the finished piece...
and look forward to wearing it the next time at the sea :)
i guess you could say that
i really "love" it!!
 (tee, hee!)
i've also been experimenting with hand dyed ballet slippers...
and adorning them with whimsical pretties...
i call them my sea slippers...
i will be making a few pairs for sale, later on in the season.
here is a glass box of ear adornments i've been making too...
a pair for every day of the week!
and i know i'm not alone in this ~ 
i have a thing for mercury glass...
so when i spied this fabo bottle, wrapped in wire
i knew in an instant that it simply must be mine!!
(wouldn't you have?!)
i brought it home and adorned it with the tiniest brass cross pins
that i have ever seen...
i am collector of unique fancies...
when i was finished pinning all those crosses on,
i decided that some of them need a little bling
( perhaps you have figured it out by now, i love a bit of sparkle?!?)
i glued on some crystal rhinestones...
oh so lovely with a few sprigs of lilies of the valley fleurs!
and new in my etsy shop
for your springtime delight ~
are these cherry blossom fairies!
she carries a cherry blossom branch
and wears a crown of paper blossom blooms
her wing are iridescent and fully move able...
i hope the warm, spring sun is kissing all of you too!
next week,
i will be sharing my driftwood ladder...
hope to see you then!
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here's to lovely adornments!


  1. Oh my, how gorgeous. Love your creations. That blue color is fantastic. It`s magic, what you make.


  2. Hi Rosemary,
    Oh my what a lovely necklace. I can just see you wearing this while walking along the ocean.
    Love the mercury glass cross adornments too.


  3. your creations always take my breath away dear, enchanting rosemary. oh my....where to begin? your beautiful mer necklace and earrings.....i can just hear the delightful sounds of the mers singing at their beauty. ADORE the sweet petite embellishments on your mercury glass purchase! and those slippers....divine! i am anxious to get a glimpse of your newest project....that "ladder" looks lovely! "merci" for all the enchanting inspiration you always offer us here! ;)

  4. You are so very talented and everything you make inspires me. Just beautiful!

    Hope all is well:-)


  5. Your blog could not get any prettier, I seen you on Feathered Nest Friday and had to visit
    Love your Cherry Blossom Fairy lady , going to check out your etsy shop now

  6. how utterly magical you are, I cannot get enough of this exquisite Rosemary and her creations !

  7. As usual Rosemary, your work is stunning. I love heart shaped anything, rocks, shells, boxes etc... Hope you are settling in, looks like a cold few days ahead. Can hardly wait to get to the beach for driftwood.

  8. Beautiful Creations, I love the soft tones in blue.... The week of earrings
    are stunning too~ have a wonderful weekend,

  9. Everything is just gorgeous Rosemary, really gorgeous. I love it all, I had never heard of jacobs tears before, they are beautiful. I LOVE that mercury bottle too, I wouldn't have been able to pass it up either! Have a lovely night, t.xoxo

  10. You never cease to amaze me with your creations. The necklace is exquisite, a true work of art ...


  11. Rosemary,
    Oh, my! Your work is a artistic craft that holds its own to none other. Amazing work full of soulful drama.
    I need to make it over her way more often, I so miss all that you inspire. Your touch our hearts gracefully, with your beauty.





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