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Apr 4, 2013

...romantic plaster rose sculpture

...hello dear hearts ~ 
i am delighted that you have stopped by for a visit!

today's post is a tutorial

~ romantic plaster rose sculpture ~

~ purrrttty~
if you would like to make one too,
here is the list of your supplies
for a 20"x30" canvas board:
* approx. 36 pretty paper roses
mine are from this shop: ~Love Embellished~
to which you have sprayed over with white spray paint
this step is important
because it will give you a more sturdy rose shape
when you apply the plaster.
* a 20"x30" canvas wrapped board
* plaster of paris
* white gesso paint
* large craft paint brush
* glue gun/glue sticks
* spray glue
* clear glass glitter
begin by arranging your spray painted paper roses
onto the canvas board.
play with them until you are pleased with the look
and your board is covered.
now, hot glue them into place like so.
for the plaster of paris - mix according to package
i used approximately 2 cups
and thinned it down to like a melted milkshake consistency :)
now, simply start painting your paper roses.
 covering each one in the plaster of paris mixture.
buy the time you are finished covering them in the plaster,
start over, painting on the gesso paint until all roses are covered.
let dry flat, overnight.
once completely dried,
carefully take outside to spray on the spray glue.
evenly coat with glue
then sprinkle on your clear glass glitter for a subtle sparkle!
let dry before moving
and your romantic plaster rose sculpture is finished!
i recommend that you check to make sure
your canvas board has picture hooks on it.
not all of them come with them,
 so add them BEFORE your plaster work.
hang, and step back to look at your ~

romantic plaster rose sculpture!!


i hope you enjoyed this tutorial
and are inspired to make one of your very own!

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here's to romantic paper roses!


  1. OMG that is sooo gorgeous!! All the steps is surely what made it so perfect, thank you for the tutorial!!


  2. What???? Never thought that I could use my paper roses like this. So great idea. Yours is gorgeous.

  3. Love the look, who knew to paint paper roses...nice!

  4. So beautiful! I love your website - following thru Bloglovin'
    I'm visiting you today from Feathered Nest Friday. I hope you get a chance to stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up, too!
    ~ Megin of VMG206
    Medicine Cabinet Makeover

  5. What a fun beautiful project....

    Rosemary, I love your header of spring grey, spring is all about grey over at my place as well. The tied embellishment of lace and feather is so soulfully beautiful.


    À beautiful week-end to you.

  6. Really gorgeous. It opens my mind up to what other projects I could do with this process.
    Found you from Romantic Home. You would go crazy over here in Italy with all the color everywhere.

  7. Beautiful, Rosemary! What a wonderfully creative idea! Thanks for sharing another great tutorial, my friend! :)

    oxo laurie

  8. Oh how beautiful,I'm from Australia and am not sure what Gesso paint is,I'll have to google it. I'd love to try and make one. :)

  9. PINNED!!! Love it and can see many many uses for this particular process. Very cool. Linda Would you want to link this to What to do Weekends Party? This is the perfect weekend project, don't you think?


  10. serenely beautiful and an Ozma of Odda original from an "original" herself! oh my....simply romantic....stunning. i MUST make one for myself. SO lovely! sigh....

  11. Oh how lovely...thanks for the step by step, I'd love to try!

  12. oh my goodness, this is amazing...and beautiful!!

  13. What a beautiful rose sculpture! Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial on making it. It is absolutely stunning!


  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I LOVE this!! I can't wait to make one of my own!! I would love for you to link up at SHOW-licious Craft Showcase.

      Just follow this link...http://sew-licious.blogspot.com/2013/04/show-licious-craft-showcase-26.html.


  15. GAAAAA! That is stunning! Thank you for sharing your tutorial with us, I'm going to share this with my daughter, she is going to love it too! t.xoxo


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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