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Jul 5, 2011

...my lush garden window box ~ a diy weekend project

hello girlie girls!!

i trust that you all had a perfectly nice extended weekend:)

hubby o'mine and i decided
that we needed a little more
green in our courtyard
so we took full advantage of the "extra" day
and set out to install
a lush garden window box

these are all the pretty plants that i had placed around the courtyard
earlier this spring,
but was finding the days growing hotter
and felt it was time to "plant them" in some soil
as i do enjoy their greenery and pretty flowers:)


this is the bland corner in our courtyard
here's where the "window box" comes in!

when my peeps were younger
dear hubby built them a sand box to play in

now as you know,
Nathan just graduated HS
yah no
i don't think he's got any interest in the sand box anymore!!

and yes,
we should have let it go years back!

but we didn't!

that being said,
we took inventory of supplies we already had on hand
and thought
why not plant a window box???

  and so we did...


now most of you know,
that for the present moment
we are renting this lovely home
so anything we do needs to be

as you just never know when those north winds are going to come blowin'!!

so we placed the "window box" in the courtyard corner,
laid some landscape fabric on the inside
and stapled it aallll the way around to secure it like so...

we placed our fountain base up on cement blocks
to raise it up a bit...

then hubby o'mine installed a water line
that comes on automatically every other day
and it will also refill the fountain bowl
(such a smart hubby!)


next came the rock base for drainage...
roses hate wet roots!!



and then we placed all the plants around
to see just how we wanted to see them...
there is a white, double flower, clematis that you can't see just yet
but it will climb on that back trellis,
 between the arborvitae bushes,
and on each side there are the rose trees that will bloom white roses
then there is the fabulous smelling lavenders
and up front pretty, white mini carnations...


after a few minor adjustments,
we planted them in some good soil,
and then added a layer of mulch for moisture retention
(it gets realllly HOT here)
((a DRY hot!!))
(((so hot, as soon as you step outside, you feel like a dried apricot!!)))


i had forgotten about these strands of star lights
which were tucked away
until hubby rounded the corner with them ~
dangling in his hands ~
and a BIG smile on his face!!
(such a romantic thought!)

so now,
 when we sit out in the courtyard,
it will always be "under the stars"
sweet, summer romance!


i'm still deciding  on this hand blown fairy ball...
perhaps a bit much?
and i need to do a little touch up paint job

what is your opinion??


 i must say,

we are really enjoying our new
lush garden window box
although i don't think we could hang this baby off of the house!

and the fact that my children once played within that box
makes it even more sentimental :)

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here's to thinking "outside of the box"


  1. So pretty! I love your new little garden.


  2. oh it's lovely...just lovely and you accomplished that all in ONE day? wow...how divine!

  3. What a perfect way to re-invent a sandbox Rosemary! It turned out so romantic, especially with those star lights. Wouldn't be romantic without that thoughtful and smart hubby of yours. Enjoy your courtyard elegance (and leave the sandbox as is - it will look as though it's always been there)!
    - Susan

  4. Gorgeous! I love the fact that you used the old sandbox!! :)

    I would probably leave out the ball, but that is just me. If you love it by all means leave it in Rosemary!!

  5. oh my gosh Rosemary, it is beautiful! I love that your hubby brought out the star garland to hang... how romantic. It is perfect...t.xoxoxo

  6. Hi Rosemary,
    Your garden corner is so lovely. I really like the plants that you chose. You are really going to enjoy it this summer.


  7. Rosemary, this looks amazing, I'm a sucker for fountains ... I have one in front of my home and one in the back. they make you so relaxed and happy.. Enjoy...


  8. I really love this idea! It looks very frenchy and romantic to me...ooh-la-la. Love your flower choices as well. Enjoy!


  9. cute idea! love it....xoox, tracie

  10. I just love when something like this comes together! And so quick! Doesn't it just feel like magic? Beautiful, beautiful! The lights just take it over the top!

  11. What a beautiful transformation. I am not sure if my favorite part is the plants and bushes or the water fountain.

  12. How fun! I have always wanted a fountian, yours is beautiful, and what a good man you have to help create a magical corner.

  13. What a good idea, Rosemary. You created such a charming little space :)

  14. Aahh what a wonderful little corner, your hubby did a great job.

  15. Looks FANTASTIC! You are so wonderfully creative :)
    -Jessica & Holly

  16. once again my head is bowed on my second grade desk

    thank you rosemary......

  17. Wow! I am impressed! Just today I started looking for fountains trying to get ideas so it was great to see what you two did. Very productive and BTW, I would keep the ball!

  18. you have such lovely taste. I say leave the fairy ball..wished you lived here I need so much help getting at all together. nice to visit again. xo Laura


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