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Feb 16, 2010


something deep inside
is seeking a
I'm not sure what it is...
I just feel it!

The other day, I saw a greenhouse for sale at Costco.
I immediately felt excitement zing through me,
 as if I were struck with the very energy
that a plant uses to emerge from within it's tiny seed.
In that moment, I was taken back to
one spring, when I was in my early twenties.
(seems like such a lifetime ago!)
I remember longing to work in a greenhouse.
 I was a Candy Store Manager at the time
I quit,
to go work at this very large greenhouse!
Other than planting a small garden, I really had no clue about what I had gotten myself into!
Let me just say,
it is a challenge,
pushing around very large carts filled with alot of dirt and alot of plants!
and mentally
when it is about 82 degrees in July outside
it's about 102 INSIDE!!!
and at that point, your watering yourself more than the plants!!
But I loved the solitude
and the joy of planting those tiny seeds!
After a few weeks
I remember walking in that glass greenhouse, and hundreds of flats of flowers had emerged
It was so beautiful!
I never forgot that feeling... 
Something like that is happening
from deep within
...I wonder what it will be?!



  1. Well, when you find out I hope you share it with us:) Speaking of greenhouses, I have one in boxes in my garage just waiting to be constructed. I am not even sure what it looks like because I found it on line and left a little note to my husband to buy it for me. Never did I think he would! If I had known that I would have picked one that I actually looked at in person:) Anyway, he is VERY sweet to have gotten it for me and in the Spring I will be surprised to see what it looks like. And like you I will be planting seeds in 100degree weather enjoying every minute of it:)
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  2. Even though I live in the Valley of the Sun, where it is 77 degrees this time of year, I remember feeling that stirring of Spring! I do love greenhouses, so much. I bought a mini-mini one from Ikea years ago. I believe all artists are connected to the earth.


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