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Feb 11, 2010


...after reading a post on one of my FAVORITE blogs,
(wink, wink!)
 who ~
(I hesitate to tell you this, because I want to win!!)
is having a most fabo giveaway
for something I have been thinking about for awhile,
but didn't know it ~ florabella,
a program to use with photoshop,  
and all the fun things that go along with that rabbit hole!!
Her blog's photos are gift cards just waiting to be purchased!
(hint, hint Kasey!) 
I'm not kidding, check her out for yourself here: 
and see if you don't agree!
...just DON'T enter! ha!

ps. see "mimi charmante", I can play too! teehee :) 


  1. I came over from mimi charmmante! She is an amazing talent. Love your flowers!! Will definately be back!

  2. Thank you for the heads up on the blog...I'm a total blog snob now. Who knew? I encourage all my friends to get started but they are so intimidated by all the beautiful unique blogs. They do take time and creativity but that's the fun. Love your blog! Love your shop! Rhonda of Parisgal56


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