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Feb 2, 2010

...the other side of Cinderella!

as in Rella's side!!

I seek and appreciate beautiful things
....shoes, clothes, food,
items to beautify my home with...
you know, basic stuff most girls like! 
and today I was day dreaming while dying some slips a wonderland blue
and I was thinking to myself how beautiful is this color ~ blue ~
then I started thinking  
 what is beauty, and who decides what beautiful is? 
Here are my thoughts

In the wake of the tragedy in Haiti ~
I think it's fair to say that life is not always a fairytale!
and most of the time, we just didn't ask for this!
and I dare say
that not very many of us
have not had the wind knocked out of us
HARD at one time or another!
and wouldn't you agree
that instead of complaining about it,
 that there are times when it is necessary
to simply put up your hair, roll up your sleeves
and put these on instead!

because stuff happens!
and it's quick,
like no time to think quick!
and it is in these moments...
these come at you from nowhere moments
that I want to be beautiful...
not outside per se,
but inside!
that's what I mean by Rella's side!
At the ball, Cinderella was elegant and beautiful to look at on the outside,
but most of the time, she had her hair up and her boots on!

Each of us are unique,
... in our talents,
in our gifts
and in our beauty!
We need to believe in ourselves and know that each and everyone of us
 has something wonderful to share.
And that we make our own fairytales by how we chose to live everyday! 
and I think it is in those moments,
 the everyday moments
that we allow ourselves to be who were meant to be,
that we are the most Beautiful!


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  1. Very beautiful post... it ties right in with mine about being yourself... I also LOVE the Cinderella slipper at the top photo... is it for sale? If so... I would love to purchase it... I am new to your blog, hopped over from Amy's at Bunny Rose Cottage... it is gorgeous! xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Such a sweet post! I also seem to be more boots than glass slipper, but I really love me a good pair of glass slippers! Loved catching up with you today. I really need that ruffled umbrella! And now off to check out your etsy site!

  3. I liked your post today. I love your cinderalla slipper. I am enjoying reading blogs tonight to help me have something else to think about rather than thinking about something that I can do nothing about.

  4. What a wonderful blog you have, so pretty. I love the cinderella slipper. So glad to have found your blog.


be kind ~ be graceful ~ be beautiful ~ be you!


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