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Feb 9, 2010

...one awesome day!!

...and He made all this for us?!

Sometimes we just jump in the car for a mini get-away,
 as to not build up any expectations!
(We've been know to go with nothing but the shirts on our back,
thinking we are just going shopping at Ikea,
but end up having to stop at good ole' walmart for overnight supplies!)
It's like an adventure, so to speak,
as we never really know where we will end up!
The only thing we do know is, the resounding choice is always ~ 
to the beach!!
And no matter what time of the year we visit the west coast,
it never dissapoints!!
It always takes my breath away
brings me to my knees in tears!!!
I truely feel God's magnificence as the salty sea mist kisses my face ~
and feel those mighty waves rolling over my bare feet
that are anchored in the warm sand.
That is a most befitting description of how I feel when I am there
~ bare ~
and strangely, as I gaze out as far as the eye can see
all the cares and worries are carried away and
there is peace in that moment 
overwhelmed in His love,
in His grace,
and in His gift! 

We always stay a little longer than we should,
(I hate driving in the dark!!)
but ~ how could you not want to stay?!
 As the sun is setting on our backs,
I look over to my beloved and think ~
today was one awesome day

and here are the smiles to prove it!!!


  1. Hi Rosemary, what a beautiful post and lovely thoughts... I would want to stay longer too... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    Thanks for such beautiful thoughts today.
    It's fun to just take off on an unplanned trip and return when you are ready.


  3. What a stunning picture of the beach. How wonderful to just hop in the car and take off like that. I wish we could do more of that, very hard to do with four kids who all play sports. I am glad someone does it, hope you had enough fun for the rest of us. And it is so amazing all the things that He created for us, isn't it? I woke up to a beautiful hoar frost, all the trees sparkled like diamonds, what a great gift.

  4. A lavender farm?? That's a good idea! I'd like to have it!!! Really a gorgeous day on the beach! I adore sea in every Season!
    A nice evening!

  5. So lovely, so true and so fun that you just get in the car and go! You never know what adventure you will find. Love it!!!
    Blog: Capers of the vintage vixens

  6. Would love to be standing in the warm sun and sand. Love the message here...bare before HIM. Such a comfortable place to be, through the calm or through the storm.
    Warm Heart-felt Blessings ;-)
    Off with warm thoughts in my heart as we hula for the Retired Teachers Org...Aloha!

  7. Ah, I love the beach. Lucky me, I live only 20 min. away. Glad I discovered your blog!


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